why we made this video:
people attending conventions often have to struggle with prejudices like they are crazy Nerds, living in a fake world, wetting their pants when they finally met some “so called” actors nobody else knows, queuing for hours just to  make a photo or get an autograph nobody else would recognise.

I really have to disappoint you because we are more than just a bunch of geeks living in a parallel universe.

I visit conventions from FedCon GmbH since 2005, when I was 17 years old and I call a lot of the other people attending and working there, my true family, the ones I chose to be around me.

Most of my true friends I met at Ring- or FedCon. We party together, laugh together, call each other when we have problems… true friendships.

Of yourse we all have a “real live” working in a boring office but when we come together, this is what happens: we have fun, we party, we dance, we make fun of ourselves and we celebrate.

FedCon, RingCon and HobbitCon are more than just some QnA’s, more than queuing for photos and autographs, they are huge parties lasting a whole weekend.

True words. Thank you